Stillwater Carpet & Fabric Protection

Just as important as a regular, professional cleaning regimen to the longevity and beauty of your business’s carpet and upholstery is Stillwater carpet and fabric protection by ServiceMaster Clean®. Our specialized solutions and processes ensure that your business’s furnishings and high-traffic areas hold up, look great and last as long as possible. Stillwater carpet and fabric protection helps you get the most out of your interior design investment and preserves the fresh, clean, inviting and professional environment that is so critical to your business’s first impression.

Stillwater Carpet and Fabric Protection by ServiceMaster Clean includes:

  • Evaluation of upholstered and floor surfaces to determine appropriate solutions and application methods
  • Spot testing of solutions to ensure compatibility with solutions and application methods
  • Administration of Stillwater carpet and upholstery protection
  • Final inspection to ensure complete and quality workmanship
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